Green Matters Fredericton

Businesses and people that care about the environment.

How to Join

Join the FREE Green Matters Certified program if you are:

  1. A community, non-governmental or non-profit organization
  2. An educational institution (elementary, middle or high school; a vocational training institution, a college or university)
  3. A government department or agency, crown corporation, or large institution
  4. A faith-based organization
  5. A festival, event, fair or conference

The benefits of being a Green Matters Certified organization are:

  1. Information and support in reducing operating expenses from cost areas such as: energy and water use, products and supplies, transportation, and infrastructure.
  2. A ready network of like-minded organizations and Green Shops member businesses who are doing innovative things that might work for your organization too.
  3. The opportunity to enhance your profile as a peer leader and community steward in Fredericton.
  4. Helping Fredericton continue to reduce its community environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Start your organization on its journey to being truly sustainable over the long-term, right here in Fredericton!

And if you are a Fredericton business then you can join the Green Shops program instead:


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