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City Presents Gold Medals to Green Shop and Green Matters Certified Participants

Left to right: John Bringham, UniData; Rick Doucet, YSC Marketing Board; Terri Doucette and MJ Finnamore, Changes Boutique

Fredericton, NB (April 14, 2014) – The City of Fredericton recognized three local businesses tonight for their participation in the Green Shops Program. Another local business was welcomed and recognized as the newest member of the Green Matters Certified Program.

Green Shops and Green Matters Certified are programs offered through the City of Fredericton’s Green Matters umbrella where participating businesses and non-commercial sectors are encouraged to implement actionable items that simultaneously reduce their environmental impact and operating costs.

All off the businesses received Gold Status.

Green Shops Program Gold Medal Recipients

  • Moksha Yoga is a group of independent hot yoga studios committed to ethical, compassionate, and environmentally conscious living. Having only been open for a short time, Moksha Yoga earns a gold medal; they sell products all made in Canada, use many sustainable or recycled materials, the staff walk or bike to work, they have a web page to help their clients be greener, and they use Bullfrog power.
  • YSC Forest Products Marketing Board is a non-government organization composed of private woodlot owners and wood producers in York, Sunbury and Charlotte counties. Staff members are educated about making environmental choices at home, customers are educated on the value of choosing more environmentally friendly products, they take action on environmental issues, and ensure that woodlots are safe when pipelines and roads are being developed.
  • UNI Data Inc. is a small office with 4 staff. The business was established in 1999 to meet the demands of small to medium size networks. The days of having to travel to and from clients to fix computer issues are changing as technology changes; being able to fix problems remotely helps cut green house gases created by transportation. What can be reused in the office is and UNI Data has a comprehensive recycling program for everything else.

Green Matters Certified Program Gold Medal Recipient

  • Changes is the newest Green Matters Certified member. Changes is a not-for-profit that provides an opportunity for anyone having difficulty finding or maintaining a job. Most everything in their store is being recycled or upcycled, including the kitchen sink, which was removed from the Executive Director’s home during a renovation and reused in the store rather than go to the landfill. The staff at Changes is also well versed in recycling and waste management; cardboard, paper, cans, bottles and plastic are all recycled. Very little from the store goes to the landfill.

Green Shops was created by the City of Fredericton to encourage the business community to embrace environmental sustainability. It has evolved into a Community Partnership between the City, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Fredericton Inc., and Business Fredericton North. The program currently has more than 100 member businesses.